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Thanks to the internet, I now know that the origin of the word critic is the Greek word kritikos, which—strangely enough—does not mean “able to pick at flaws incessantly” but does mean "able to make judgments." This is a crucial difference.The kind of criticism that helps marriage is the kind you learned in English class: studying something so well that you can find its hidden patterns and its deeper truths.First, some numbers: I’ve been married (to the same person) for twenty-seven years.Those twenty-seven years have included six in which we were researching an anthology about marriage.

The issue is that you need to learn how to relate differently to men.

The other guy talk is about sports, cars, working out and so on.

Give some thought to how your husband or wife feels too.

Think seriously about how caring and considerate of others you are. Are you good at building relationships and committed to doing acts of charity?

How responsible and trustworthy, how committed to high morals and personal growth, are you? Remember, confidence attracts, and it's much easier to be confident when you know yourself well and recognize your match. Be Selective As a rule dating for marriage is not a numbers game.

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