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Now: I am not a natural-born hugger, at least not with people I don't know, and so the hug took me by surprise.(2) Not that it should have.How else are you supposed to say hello to someone who in a few hours will know more about you than you've told most of your friends and blood relatives?I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about accessibility issues on the internet, and how that doesn’t mean catering for ‘just blind people’.That’s true, and I back what most people are saying wholeheartedly - but that’s not what this blog is about.That was the plan for the night: Our respective editors set us up on a blind date (or what would come to seem like one very long, three-week blind date) to see just how compatible we might be and to learn what compatibility even means in the age of Tinder and Instant Chemistry genetic testing, and we figured we might as well take the time to get to know each other.

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The man knew characteristics—his eye color, his hair—but he could not “see” the image in his mind’s eye. I would never describe my experience as such; it’s just the flavorless narrator, struggling to beatbox. More generally, I have no sensory experience in my mind of any discernible nature. When I was a boy, my camp counselor in North Carolina chased me around the edges of the pool (he would’ve made a great counselor at Camp Tort-a-Lawsuit). My 10th birthday was spent in the hospital watching O. Simpson speed away innocently in a white Ford Bronco.

They were asked to leave, I stayed - thinking I was in trouble.

For me, there was no number, because I’m colour blind.

—If I ask you to imagine a beach, how would you describe what happens in your mind? If you reread the , you’ll find it’s heavy on ideas (what if a lawyer had a clock that counted money not time? I love the writing and hate the imagining, which is why I churn out 50 dry essays for every nugget of fiction.

We started a thread to compare our tics and quirks—it’s a lot of “YES! If you have radiant blue eyes, I may have stored that information.

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