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The jury was shown Tomlinson’s bank statement which the prosecution claims shows repeated arrivals of money from the complainant between May 4, 2015, and July 12, 2015.The jury was also shown phone company data which the prosecution claims shows repeated phone contact between the complainant’s phone and Tomlinson’s hand set.That's not to say fraudsters won't attempt to get you to use another method of payment. An e Bay spokesman said: “Never send money via Western Union, Money Gram or other less secure methods.Remember that e Bay will never send buyers an invoice, we do not accept bank transfers, and we do not offer an ‘escrow’ service (accepting payment on behalf of the seller)." • 'I paid £5,190 for a car on e Bay - where is it?You can also report scams by contacting The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

The complainant claimed these threats persuaded him to send nearly £19,000 to ‘Adele’s’ bank account in two and a half months.

The problem is that Salisbury had no idea of any such ad and was not certainly not planning on moving anywhere.

On his drive home he spotted a truck passing him loaded down with stuff from his house and garage.

(source) In March of 2008, reported on a Craigslist hoax that cost one man almost everything he owned.

In Jacksonville, Oregon, scammers posted prank ads on the website claiming that the person who lived at Robert Salisbury’s residence had to leave town suddenly, and that everything in his house was free for the taking.

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