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In light of Delta’s resumption of regular flights from the U. to Havana this week for the first time in 55 years, here's a look at Delta’s history in Cuba: 1946: Chicago and Southern Air Lines begins daily direct service to Havana from New Orleans and Houston.

An ad describes the route as “The Havana Limited” on the “world’s fastest, most luxurious DC-4” with “bright, spacious lavatories.” 1953 - 1961: Delta merges with Chicago & Southern and inherits HAV routes.

Since its reopening at the airline’s headquarters in Atlanta, the museum has experienced increased attendance, events and fundraising, as well as an expansion of exhibits.

“The ongoing growth of the museum fosters our mission to celebrate the heritage of Delta, its people and our family of more than 40 airlines, along with the history of aviation and the future of flight,” said Museum President John Boatright.

NEW YORK - Delta held its annual meeting of shareholders today, and Delta’s nonexecutive Chairman of the Board Frank Blake announced the results of four shareholder votes: • Approval of the election...

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Between 19, the airline operated as “Delta-C&S" before reverting to “Delta” in 1995. December 1961: Delta halts flights to Cuba in the wake of the Castro revolution.Nathan Deal said Delta’s economic impact on Georgia has been enormous.“Georgia has a longstanding and highly successful partnership with Delta Air Lines that has helped both of us grow and flourish over the past 75 years," said Deal.“We have an outstanding team of people, and our success over the last year is directly related to their dedication, professionalism and commitment to our guests’ experience,” he said.“Each team member appreciates that we serve as the home of Delta employees, retirees, and their family members and that the museum is a key part of the foundation of Delta.” The museum offers displays and exhibits filled with hundreds of artifacts chronicling more than eight decades of Delta’s history and the development of commercial aviation.

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