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It was clear to me and not only me from high school on that America was a land of hypocrites, opportunists, and greedy idiots.

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He just released an album of Taylor Swift covers and Pitchfork didn't like it. It's funny whenever his name comes up, people immediately think of Bryan Adams. And complain and complain about everyone and everything. Yes, when you are getting old, you understand that if you haven't planned, saved or been lucky, you are set for a horrible end of life.

The album was nominated for the Shortlist Music Prize.

The following year, his profile increased with the release of the UK certified-gold Gold, which included the hit single, "New York, New York".

“It was a terrible, terrible stressful time for both of us.

I just thought it could have ended up really bad with me being too old to work. Sometimes people just get on with each other and we did, rather well.

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