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What’s suddenly happened for you to want to get in on the act?Feminism is more than the demand for rights for women or equality between women and men.Both the designer and the commissioner share the responsibility of ensuring a healthy social working environment, which is needed to guide a fruitful discussion.Each is responsible for stimulating enthusiasm in the other.Most commissioners take up the challenge and start to work with the ‘unfinished’ graphic elements, searching for an unexpected combination and thus bearing the role of the designer.

Amy Sonnie, Alyson Books 2000)--recently pulled from the Burlington County Library System in New Jersey--will hurt many.Yes, I’m one of those feminists who doesn’t want men in feminism, the type who doesn’t think men can be feminists.I’m quite happy to talk with you, work in partnership with or alongside you, even count a select bunch of you amongst my friends, but call you feminists: “Nah.” Men – you’ve had since time immemorial to get your shit together.At our office, we sometimes enter the meeting room with a box of visual proposals that some of our commissioners refer to as ‘the box of goodies’.In the box are carefully constructed prototypes, such as three-dimensional visualizations of our thoughts where the perfect solution has to yet assume its form.

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